Thai Yoga Massage / Sip Sen


In 2014 I started in Leusden and surroundings with Thai Yoga Massage.
This traditional massage blends perfectly with the Yoga classes given since 2012 in both Leusden and Thailand.

Thai Yoga Massage [Sip Sen] is a unique form of body therapy,  in which Hatha Yoga is combined with acupressure. Thai Yoga Massage has been practiced for over two thousand years in Thailand, originally by Buddhist monks. Over the centuries, this safe, holistic therapy being refined, including the application of stretching [postures] and activation of the lymphatic system and energy pathways [pressure points] and blood flow and flexibility of the body.

The full treatment, which takes up half to two hours, brings more vitality, deep relaxation, a calm mind and a self-healing ability of the body. And works beneficial for headaches, migraines, back pain and stress. It relaxes muscles and makes space in the joints, creating more flexibility and mobility.

There are various treatments available, subject to any physical complaints. Together we decide which massage for you is desirable.

The consultancy fee is € 55.00
Duration between 1.5 to 2 hours.

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