The word mandala means magic circle, an endless circle, a recurring pattern in nature.

The style of the motives followed in the first line of the Gupta period of Indian and Hindu art. Mandalas serve as meditation object which the practitioner must support focusing on the respective motive and thereby expressed learning content.

The oldest mandala (MV) belonging to Buddhism are found in the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, Western China, and Japan. They are painted on both sites rolled side (scrolls) and date from around the 9th century. (in Klim Berg-Salter, 1982, p. 115). The oldest mandala belonging to the Himalayan Buddhism are found in Dukhang gompa in Ladakh. They date from the construction of the gompa which took place between the years 1175 and 1200 AD. Ladakh today belongs to India, but was once alternately independent or belonging to Tibet. Buddhism in this region is still up in the 21st century, the Tibetan form of expression. In the gompa Dukhang found his murals that depict the nine mandala” Buddha Vairocana, Buddha or Bodhisattva Manjushri, and Prajnaparamita. Prajnaparamita, Perfection of Wisdom, in its oldest form one of the first Mahayana Buddhist scriptures; it was later given to a human form.

In the Hindu Rig-Veda, the term mandalas used for structured knowledge that can be recited. Each of the 10 books is a mandala. For example, the ninth is called the Soma mandala.

This conception of mandala in abstract form was taken over by Buddhism in certain architectural form. In the Ellora caves in central India, which between the years 700 and 730 were set up, each of the three floors in cave 12 are arranged like so many mandala, with a Buddha the central part portrays, and bodhisattva s on in the cardinal directions inserted.

They are visible everywhere in nature: flowers, plants, planets, the sun and the moon and so on. The origin of the drawing is started thousands of years ago and originates from Tibetan architecture, Indian Hinduism and Buddhism.
Monks made the drawings with sand, grain by grain. This took weeks and after this ceremony was destroyed (everything is impermanent).

Mandala drawing is a process of intuitive drawing and colouring, without thinking, “let go and enjoy”.
By drawing and colouring you can turn your attention inward. It can help you relax, changes behaviours and old conviction patterns and develop your creativity.

On this page you will find some mandala drawings that I made. The mandalas are for sale. Prices start at 25 Euro.